Valentine’s Day

….or Walking Dead day for those of us who appreciate it. This year I will be flying solo as the Husband is off at work (oilfield life), but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some of the decor…and maybe some candy. Here are some of my favorite valentine’s day decorations I have found that I believe are timeless. Some may even become year round decorations.

Be Mine Love Doormat You & Me Pillow Iron Heart Tealight Holder Home Made            Cake Stands  Arrow Wall Art


I also found some DIY ideas I might have to give a try. Yellow Bliss Road has these great free printables:



Yellow Bliss Road

Or these glitter Love Signs, find the tutorial at Lia Griffith. As much as I love glitter, I also don’t like cleaning up glitter. Or living with the glitter fall out for weeks. This one may or may not happen, but it’s beautiful.

love glitter sign

Love Glitter Signs

After looking at all of the wonderful things I am feeling inspired to do some DIY and get to decorating. Check back soon to see what I’ve come up with.

And Walking Dead fans, I’ll see you on February 14th.

you're sweet walking dead

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2016 Trending Handbags

Just like many women I have a thing for handbags. I like to buy quality, which means a little more, but I find the purses last a lot longer and have a more substantial and quality feel. I don’t buy a ton, but I do usually treat myself to one or two a year. Sadly, I feel so out of touch with fashion lately so I’ve been doing some browsing to see what’s trending and what I actually like.

I was surprised to find drawstring bucket bags are making a come back. I remember my mom having one in the early 90’s or maybe it was the late 80’s. Call me crazy, but I’m kind of liking them and also wandering if my mom still has hers. Here are some of my favorites.

Jules Mini Fringe Drawstring Satchel      Patricia Nash Suede Bronte Bucket Bag

          Michael Kors Camden Drawstring Satchel         Lafayette Bucket Bag

The fringe too… I think it looks good, but then I also think about the reality. Will there be tangles? There will be, who are we kidding? I’m not one to be dainty with my purse. It will get chunked into the backseat, thrown on the floor, and tossed around. Fringe might be too high maintenance for me, but then again – it’s so cute.

Zac Posen also has these great bags – Eartha bags. The one on the right is actually quite a bit larger, so maybe for storage. It seems structured bags are also popular right now and I get why. I can’t put my finger on it, but I like it’s angles.

‘Eartha’ Soft Top Handle Satchel    ‘Eartha Jumbo’ Double Handle Satchel

I’m thinking these are my top six contenders for my next handbag. What do you think? Or do you have better suggestions? I’m always open to suggestions.